Saharawi Ambassador accredited as Doyen of the diplomatic corps in Nigeria

Nigeria, (MAP)- the Saharawi Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Oubi Bushraia, accredited on Friday as the Doyen of the diplomatic corps in Nigeria, which includes more than 130 embassy and diplomatic missions. 
By the way, the Doyen of the diplomatic corps in Nigeria, and the Ambassador of the Saharawi Republic, Oubi Bushraia, expressed the readiness of the diplomatic corps to cooperate with Nigeria in all manners, which will ensure that progress, prosperity and development is guaranteed in this instrumental country in Africa, saying That "this is the essence of our mandate and our presence here".

“Let's hope that this 2015 will bring more development and peace in this country" he said.
The Doyen of the diplomatic corps stressed that they are hopeful and rather confident that Nigeria which succeeded in overcoming major challenges will this time around also overcome the challenge of security arising from the terrorists actions of the Boko Haram group.

“We are also wishful and confident that the upcoming elections to be organized in this country will be very successful”, he added.

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