Economic development, education, good governance are keys to peace in Africa (Saharawi diplomat)

Abuja, May 17, 2015 The Saharawi Ambassador in Abuja, Oubbi Boushraya emphasized that the establishment of peace in Africa requires systematic efforts to fight against poverty and unemployment, in order to ensure economic development, education system and anchor the principle of good governance and democratic.

Speaking at the end of the summit of the First Ladies in Africa Mission, Mr. Bouchraya stressed that these points are the necessary keys to the establishment of peace in the continent, recognizing the important role played by this organization in Africa in spreading the culture of peace, the promotion of political and social participation of African women.

The Saharawi Ambassador also recalled the struggle of the organization against diseases and epidemics, and its contribution to alleviate the suffering of African refugees affected by war and cases of instability in several African countries, including SADR

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