Will Throne Speech herald new page in Moroccan policy towards neighbors?

State Minister, Counselor to the Presidency of the Saharawi Republic Mr. Bashir Mustafa Sayid Morocco´s speech delivered on the occasion of the so-called the Feast of the Throne was “a hypnotizing and not an escalating discourse” as usual. 
“The King of Morocco is trying to put an end to the growing problems with Africa and neighboring countries,” Bashir told MAP NEWS, adding he is seeking to bring his country back to the international arena through diversifying alliances and friendships. 
The Minister described the move as being a positive signal that might help Morocco to establish serious relations with Algeria, the Saharawi Republic, Mauritania and other countries of the region, based upon mutual respect and the contribution to establishing security and justice. 
Bashir highlighted that the consolidation of Morocco’s standing as a factor of security and stability in the region will only be possible if they show respect and joint cooperation in order to get rid of past ambitions, look with insight into the future and contribute to building a political, economic and security integration without the exclusion of any neighboring country. 
He refuted the rumors saying that Morocco had presented a request of membership to the recent African Unions Summit, underlying that Morocco confuses between the Organization of African Unity they left due to expansionist ambitions and a new one with proper procedures and arrangements to be part of. 

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