To support Morocco is to contribute to destabilize the region (newspaper)

Chahid El Hafedh, may 14, 2013 (SPS)- The Western allies take part in attempts to destabilization of the region with the support they give to the Moroccan invasion of Western Sahara, indicated Tuesday the Algerian daily newspaper the Maghreb.
With the support that the Western allies bring to the Moroccan invasion of Western Sahara, they “are in reality the true supports which authorize the government of His Majesty the practice of all the tips to remain as true colonizer and, in fact, they take part in attempts to destabilization of the region”, the newspaper affirmed.
Pointing out that it “is about a problem of decolonisation which UNO should solve, according to the character relevant and irreversible of the UN Chart principles ”, the Maghrebian daily newspaper stresses “that will also avoid turning a dark page of this territory Moroccan colonial occupation, in particular that the file of the legitimate charges of Front Polisario with regard to the Royal palace is very heavy and gives the opportunity to UN to take it into account without referring to the ulterior motives of Morocco Western allies ”.
The newspaper puts forward Moroccan authorities trend to create “confusion and amalgam concerning Western Sahara” by putting Algeria “in the heart of this conflict instead of going back to the international law”.
Answering the question “in what the interests of Morocco and Algeria about the Western Sahara are opposite? “, Le Maghreb raises that whereas the whole of the international community confirms that Algeria supports the imprescriptible rights of the people sahraoui to independence; Morocco is opposite to it”. Morocco is for colonial perpetuation in the Arab Maghreb. “There is neither subjectivity, nor personal passion on behalf of the Algerian national authorities. There is a constancy in the objectives of the Algerian foreign politics which never changed since the November 54 Message”, the same source adds.

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