Heavy rain leaves families without shelter in refugee camps

Dozens of families were left without shelter due to fall Friday to Saturday of heavy rain in Sahrawi refugee camps, causing massive damage at level of the wilayas and institutions. 

The rain which continued two days and expected to continue, depending on the weather, have led to the collapse of houses and tents in all wilayas particularly in the Wilaya of Awserd.

The rains that continued two days and can continue, depending on weather conditions, led to the collapse of several houses and tents of the Sahrawi refugees in the different provinces and especially the province Aousserd.

The Sahrawi refugees have lived in exile in houses made of mud for more than 40 years due to the illegal occupuation of their country Western Sahara by Morocco, it should be recalled.

A full assessment of the damage will be made public in the
next few hours. (SPS)

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