Western Sahara


El Aaiun – MAP - In a letter sent by the community of Sahrawi x-prisoners to EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, the Sahrawis denounced the inclusion of their occupied territory under EU agreement signed with Morocco, the organization of Western Sahara Resource Watch reported Wednesday.

"We communicate our total disagreement and rejection to the fact that the EU considers legal the export Western products as a legal act," said Abdelahi Emhamed Labraihmani, spokesman of the Community of Sahrawi x-prisoners of conscience in letter sent b to Ashton on June 6.

the members of this platform, the Sahrawi imprisoned for years in Moroccan jails Gali-Megouna, Agdez, BIR-1 and others, organizing peaceful sit-in for more than 41 days in front of dependency of "Moroccan Advisory Council for human rights" in El Aaiun.

The Sahrawi ask Ashton to visit the area to check the agreements [between the EU and Morocco], the only beneficiaries are the banks of the Moroccan State", WSRW concludes

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