Polisario categorically denies allegations of interference in Libyan Choes

Birlehlu (Saharawi Liberated Territories)-MAP-the Plisario Front have categorically denied lies and allegations that a Saharawi soldiers are involved in Libyan termoil as reported Thursday by Moroccan news agency

"The Government of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and the Frente POLISARIO categorically deny this malicious allegation that aims only to harm the noble cause of the Sahrawi people and their national liberation struggle for freedom and self-determination. The gallant fighters of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (ALPS) were not and will never be engaged in any conflict outside the borders of the Sahrawi Republic, and their exclusive mission remains the safeguarding of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the SADR" says a statement reprted Friday by Saharawi News Agency 'SPS'.

"This is an irrefutable proof that shows a systematic campaign of lies and denigration orchestrated by the Moroccan State against the Sahrawi people and the Frente POLISARIO who, for decades, have seen themselves being associated by the occupying power with all crimes against humanity: drug-trafficking, terrorism, mercenary, etc" the statement added

The Polisario Front asserted that Morocco seeks to distort the reality already known by the international opinion and all governments that follow closely the evolution of the conflict of Western Sahara and the situation in the Maghreb.

It reminded that Gaddafi’ regime has stopped all aid to the struggle of the Sahrawi people against the Moroccan expansionism since July 1982 to enter afterwards in a union with the Moroccan Government in 1984 that came to be known as the “ARABO-AFRICAN UNION”.

" The Rabat-Tripoli axis consisted in a despicable trading arrangement that involved a multifaceted Libyan (financial and military) support for Morocco in its expansionist war against the Sahrawi people in exchange for the handing over by the Moroccan Government of Libyan opposition members exiled in Morocco, such as Colonel Mehaichi and his fellows, tracking down of dissidents in Europe and the US and the use by the Moroccan Government of its good offices to restore the tarnished image of the Colonel at some capitals",the statement pointed out.

"Since that date, the Moroccan Government and the Gaddafi’s regime did their utmost to undermine the resistance of the Sahrawi people militarily and diplomatically, particularly in Africa."

the Polisario Front also called on the establishment of an independent investigation commission to unveil to the public opinion the whole truth about this serious matter.

"For their part, the new Libyan authorities, represented by the National Transitional Council, are also called upon to immediately deny the lies and the deceitful fabrications propagated by the Moroccan occupying power, for the sake of the Libyan and Sahrawi peoples and all peoples of the region", the Statement concluded.

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