Saharawi people have right to self-determination like the rest of peoples, confirms Mr. Al-Arabi

Algiers 21/04/12 (MAP) The Secretary General of the Arab League, Mr. Nabil al-Arabi, expressed support to the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination like the rest of peoples, in an interview published Saturday by Algerian El Khabar newspaper.

Responding to a question about the movements of Arab League and its support to changes taking place in Arab world in the light of UN criticism to state of human rights in Western Sahara, Mr. Al-Arabi said “Saharawi people has the right to self-determination,” highlighting that the United Nations, which addresses the issue, has a special envoy for Western Sahara “so, there is no need to League’s intervention in this issue, only if it has been called because United Nations is most comprehensive,” stating Arab League’s Secretary General.

He therefore indicated that the issue of Western Sahara is at the hand of the United Nations, adding that according to UN resolutions, advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the issue and to the fact that all peoples in the world have the right to self-determination “there should not be a double standard in addressing the files. The Saharawi people have the right to determine their fate too

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