PSOE condemns Moroccan human rights violations in occupied Western Sahara

Boujdour (refugee camps)- The Director of International Relations at the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), José Antonio, condemned Friday the Moroccan violations of human rights in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

Concerning the trial of Gdeim Izik prisoners, he said, in a statement to SPS, “We have condemned this trial and have stated publicly that it is an unfair and that the Saharawi people enjoy his right to self-determination.”

On the sidelines of his participation at the celebration marking POLISARIO’s 40th Anniversary, the Spanish official met Friday with the Saharawi Prime Minister.

Mr. Antonio expressed his party’s solidarity with the struggle of the Saharawi people for freedom and independence, expressing congratulations to the Saharawi people on the occasion of the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the Polisario Front which, he said, coincides with the fortieth anniversary of democracy in Spain.

“We have adopted several recommendations for the Saharawi people and his just cause, as we have expressed our solidarity with his cause and I hope that there will not be another forty years of suffering for the Saharawi people,” he underlined.“I also hope that the economic crisis is not a reason to block aid for the Sahrawi people,” he concluded.

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