Alain Juppe: Western Sahara issue does not harm ties between Algeria and Morocco

Algiers - MAP - French Minister of Foreign Affairs Alain Juppe said Thursday in Algiers that the question of Western Sahara was not likely to harm the relationship of Rabat and Algiers, citing his talks with Algerian leaders.
"The Sahara issue is not likely to harm relations between Morocco and Algeria," he said referring to his discussions with his counterpart Mourad Medelci and Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia.
"The Maghreb is moving towards a construction of a zone of prosperity and integration and in this point of view the improvement of relations between Algeria and Morocco seems to me extremely constructive and we will do everything to go in this direction and bring our small building block," said the French minister in the 24-hour visit to Algeria.
"On the Western Sahara, our position is to support the UN process," said the head of French diplomacy.

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